Bill Reichert

Government at every level is growing larger, more powerful, intrusive and exponentially more expensive.

Bill ReichertIt's imperative that we have elected officials committed to the interests of the taxpayers. We need someone who will consistently ask the often unpopular questions; "Is this really needed? If so, are we getting the best rate? Could this be done more effectively by a private entity?"
Government has little motivation to get you the best deal for your hard earned money. By simply leveraging buying power into significant discounts, we can reduce the cost of existing services. …Now think what could be accomplished with some real scrutiny.
We have too many bureaucrats and special interest lapdogs in office. (did my grandpa just say lapdogs? oooh, wait 'til grandma hears this). It's crucial that people of this District are represented by a County Commissioner that will not allow government to over-step its defined responsibilities and that will do what the voters ask.
I helped put these ideas into action in my own city.  As co-founder of the "Hands Off Our Cans" campaign in Bloomington, I am fighting for the peoples' voice to be heard and respected by the city on an issue that discards the resident's right to chose their own solid waste hauler. I have spent the last year using the "Powers Reserved for the People" by our city charter, to bring this to a city wide vote of the people. Three separate petitions were signed, totaling more than 5,900 voters signatures. It also required the filing of two lawsuits on behalf of the people.
I have a proven track record, having spent four years working with the MN Voters Alliance as its Communications Director.; fighting for such issues as Voter Integrity, Repeal of Legacy Tax and Right to Work. 
In my private life, I'm president of a sales & marketing group, ensuring the best interests of my clients by helping them partner with companies with the best rate and product. I also serve my church community as Vice-President of the Governing Board, prior to that serving 12 years as Board Chair & Vice Chair of a private school.
As a seasoned watchdog, I know what it's like to bump up against stubborn bureaucrats that believe they know what is best for you.  Many of these programs are pushed down to the municipal level by the county, resulting in more taxes and bureaucratic control.  As your County Commissioner I will fight to stop this!
I am prepared to honor my commitment and work hard for you at the county level and humbly ask for your vote and support. 
Thank You and God Bless,
Bill Reichert

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